Kitchen Sink Pancakes

Brandon (the husband) woke up and looked over at me and said “I want some pancakes.”

I haven’t made them in a while so I agreed.  I always have made regular pancakes and put chocolate chips in them.  I just took the mix and added water until they were a good consistency.  Not any more…

Whenever I cook something I look through cookbooks, recipes online, and recipes given to me, put some of the similar ideas together and make them lighter.  Here is what I came up with this morning…

Kitchen Sink Pancakes:

1/2 cup quick oats (I used generic from Food Lion)

1 cup soy milk (Unsweetened Trader Joes brand)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup white flour (Brandon doesn’t like a lot of wheat taste)

1 tablespoon honey from the honey bear 🙂

1/4 cup Egg Beaters

1 tablespoon unsweetened apple sauce

2 teaspoons baking power

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg ***If you do not like things with a lot of “spice” taste, leave this step out.  I will next time.  Nutmeg is a strong spice and I could taste it throughout the whole recipe.  Not a fan…

1 tablespoon semi-sweet chocolate chips

Some people make pancakes by separating the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients and mix them in two different bowls.  I was tired this morning and ended up just throwing everything in one bowl.  I mixed up the ingredients with a whisk until well mixed.

I put the mixture into a 1/4 cup mixing cup and poured onto my PAM sprayed griddle.  I cooked them on medium about 2 minutes (or until brown), I just peaked at the bottom and flipped.  I made four at a time them had one left over. 

I put about five semi-sweet chocolate chips in each pancake.  The recipe made about nine total.  Here are the progression pics…

I had a cup of unsweetened soy milk with mine 🙂  I drizzled a little Mrs. Butterworth Sugar Free syrup on each.

The recipe made 9 pancakes.  The point value came out to be one point per pancake! 🙂 13 points for all 9.  If you ate 3 pancakes like me (could you really only eat one pancake?), you could just divide 13 by 3 and get about 4 (4.3 to be exact) points for the 3 pancakes 🙂

1 Response to “Kitchen Sink Pancakes”

  1. 1 Hayden January 19, 2009 at 11:25 am

    These look AWESOME!

    I will definitely be making these for Mike and I in the near future!

    Krista…I am amazed! This is a GREAT blog! I can’t wait to see what you post next!

    Much Love!

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