Holy S’moates!

I have been experimenting with oatmeal lately.  I have quick oats, steel cut oats and something called “hot cereal multi-grain” which contains rye, barley, oats and wheat.  I was running my usual errands today and needed something that would last a while. 

Today’s experiment is basically s’mores for breakfast.  Oh yeah, and oatmeal…

1/4 cup quick oats

1/4 “hot cereal” or you could just put in 1/2 cup of quick oats if you don’t have this (I got it at TJ’s)

1 tbsp. of Marshmallow Fluff (it was a lot so you could get away with a tsp.)

1 reduced fat cinnamon graham cracker

1 packet of splenda

a few chocolate chips 🙂

Mix together and you will have yummy, gooey s’moates for breakfast!

For WW points: The whole bowl came out to 3 points 🙂

1 Response to “Holy S’moates!”

  1. 1 ashlee February 24, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    I found your blog from the WW site and I must say, I love all your tips and recipes!! The S’ moats are my new favorite!! hubby loves them too. I was craving them so I had them for lunch yesturday. haha –
    thanks and keep them coming! :o)

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