My cup of tea

So today I weighed in at 133.6!  That is 3.6 pounds from the healthy goal weight that I set for myself.  My weight range for my height is 150-125.  I started this journey at 152.6, which is 2.6 pounds above the healthy range range for a woman who is 5’5″.   130 is a healthy weight I believe I can manage.  I am setting my goal for Valentine’s Day, but it may take a bit longer.  I swear, once you get closer to goal, it seems to take forever!

When I got home I decided I needed some relaxation from this house building/contract negotiating stuff, so I turned it to Exercise TV on Demand.  I am so happy I found this channel because it gives you free workouts.  I decided to do a 20 minute yoga routine called “Zen in Your Den.”  It was so relaxing and really put my mind at ease. 

I had a cup of peppermint tea after yoga and painted my toe nails.  The benefits of peppermint tea are amazing.  The University of Maryland Medical Center wrote an article about peppermint and it’s health benefits.  You can check it out at the end of the post…

Tea is also something nice to have to warm you up. Warm liquids such as tea and soup warm you up and make you feel full. I often take soup to work and this trick really works.

Around 1:30pm, we met with the mortgage broker today and signed the paperwork for our loan application.  Whew! I felt like my signature should be shortened after all of that.  I am excited about the house, but tired of all the legal stuff.
We went Mellow Mushroom with Brandon’s (the husband) cousin and his fiance.  It is my favorite pizza place.  I could live on their crust alone. I ate four pieces! Don’t freak out, I always do and still lose. Pizza is not something I will give up on or reduce the amount. Especially at Mellow Mushroom! We didn’t eat much today so we really ate well tonight. That’s what weekly points are for 🙂
As far as the rest of the weekend goes, I have a few more recipes that I need to post and I am getting so tired I am about to pass out. Hopefully, I will get to those tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good Saturday!

Benefits of peppermint tea:


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