25 things about me…

Somebody tagged me in a note on facebook so of course I had to write back 🙂
Here is what I posted today:

1. I am a foodie. I love learning about food, finding new healthy foods and most important eating food!
2. I am on Weight Watchers and have lost almost 20 pounds.
3. I am almost at my goal and wonder if Iwill ever feel skinny.
4. We are building a house and can’t wait for it to be finished.
5. I want to work at I job I don’t hate everyday.
6. I want to start my own business.
7. I love black and white photography and want to take some photography classes.
8. The number eight key fell off my keyboard and I have to push it several times to actually type the number.
9. I hate when NC State Football games go into overtime.
10. “Right on the money” by Alan Jackson is my favorite song and I hope Brandon feels that way about me
11. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and still don’t know what I want to do with my life.
12. I have baby fever everyday. I want two kids soon…just not too soon.
13. I suck at math.
14. I think people who do not have their coupons and debit card ready when they check out are rude.
15. I love going to Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and Target and could spend hours in each store.
16. I watch movies over and over and over.
17. I carry my own grocery bags to the grocery store. I even won a free “green” bag online if I promised to take a picture of me using it.
18. I am a romantic and I believe it’s truely the little things that make my heart melt.
19. I have a food blog and I love to write it.
20. I hate my alarm clock.
21. I love Saturday naps with Brandon on the couch.
22. I am glad I moved away from Wilmington, but I miss the beach.
23. I believe I made a mistake in my college decision.
24. I hate when I shave my legs and then shiver. What was the point in shaving my legs if it can grow back when I shiver while getting out of the shower?
25. I am impatient and I believe Brandon has made me less impulsive and more of a worrier.

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