Tales from a courteous shopper

I believe there is an art to be a good shopper.  What I mean by this is that there are so many rude people who spend way too much time checking out and complaining.

As a courteous shopper I

  • bring my own bags to the grocery store
  • help bag my groceries
  • have my debit card ready
  • or have my check pre-made out to the name of the store
  • have my coupons out (you should search for the coupons of the items you bought before you get to the check out line!)  *Probably my biggest pet peeve!
  • take your cart to the cart drop off place and don’t leave it near cars
  • and lastly, be nice to the people around you.  If you are in a rush, ask wear something is and don’t push through people to get it! A simple “excuse me” works wonders 🙂

On that note, I am taking my courteous shopper thoughts and running to Target and Trader Joes.  Then I will be back here to clean.  Then it’s off to the mall to shop and get a haircut!


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