5 week challenge: 1/5

Ok I made it through my first week!  I am not going to the grocery store today.  I am not!  Ok, I just had to repeat that to myself a few times.  Last night we caught up on John and Kate plus 8 and The Real World.  I haven’t watched a season of that in years, but we both got into it for this season.  Man, I love my DVR!

I should be getting a call from the builder today.  He should have the plans and start digging on our house next week! Yay! And it’s about time.  The husband has been a sicky all week and his grandma is not doing so hot in the hospital. 😦

I am so glad that today is Friday!  I have had such a long long week.  We had to be at work for early surgeries this week and we have another one Monday.  I swear, people must have gotten Lasik as a Christmas present!

I am so looking forward to a low key weekend.  We are probably staying in tonight and making a pizza then going to visit the husband’s grandma in the hospital.  We don’t have much else going on besides church on Sunday.  Oh yeah, and I am going back to my college and picking up last year’s yearbook.  I miss that place sometimes.  Graduation was bittersweet.

I am going to try to get some recipes up this weekend.  Other than that, I am doing the happy Friday dance!

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