Lazy Saturday

WI was this morning: down 1 pound! WOOP! I am getting closer and closer to goal.  Hopefully I won’t plateau for a third time and I can lose those last couple of pounds in the next few weeks. 

Today is going to be a lazy Saturday, which I absolutely love.  I love having no plans on weekends.  But, somehow, the hours get filled up quickly.  I think we are going to see the husband’s grandma in the hospital again tonight.  We went to cheesecake factory last night after visiting with her and I am trying to split the bites up over the weekend.  I got Chocolate Oreo Mudslide.  It is amazing.  It has been talking to me all morning, but I am not giving in yet!!

The builder wants to meet with us to show us where he is clearing the woods behind the lot.  I am so ready to see progress on the house.  I am very impatient! :0 

Last night we had BBQ chicken pizza and it was amazing!  I will post the recipe a bit later today.  Right now I am going to sit in comfy clothes and watch CMT videos.  Hope everyone has a good Saturday!!

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