I hate Sundays

Sunday just means I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Bleh.  I really wish I could just sit around and blog to you guys all week.  Oh well… such as life.

I just ate a 100 calorie Thomas English Muffin with LC swiss cheese, two tomato slices, and a little Mrs. Dash’s tomato basil garlic seasoning.  It was delicious, but not as filling as I’d hope it to be.  I will be getting something a little bit later.  Oatmeal just does the trick and fills me up so well, but I try to save it for the week when I am working long hours.

We are going back to the hospital today.  The doctor said she could die within 24 hours, or it could be days or even a week.  It’s so sad to see the husband’s father just watching his momma die… 😦

So I am trying to be strong for the husband.  It is tough because it reminds me of my great grandma in the nursing home when she was dying.  I am glad they both won’t be in pain anymore.

On a lighter note, I will be posting another recipe tonight…hopefully and maybe making some https://litenup.wordpress.com/tag/brownies/.  It just depends on how the day goes.  Hope you all have a good Sunday!  I’ll be back later.

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