Mint Chocolate Pudding Parfait


Since the husband and I are trying to save money for our house, we haven’t been going out to get dessert like Coldstone or Starbucks as much.  I wanted something cold tonight for dessert and had some pudding made so here is what I came up with:

Here is what you need:

2 martini glasses

2 servings chocolate sugar free/fat free pudding

4 tablespoons frozen Cool Whip Free

2 thin mint girl scout cookies

Add one layer of pudding to each glass.  Crumble half of a thin mint onto the pudding. 

Add a layer of cool whip, then another layer of pudding, then another layer of frozen cool whip. 

Crumble the remaining cookie halves onto the top of each final layer of cool whip. 

Add a strawberry for decoration 🙂 If you have a fresh strawberry, then use that.  Ours were frozen so they ended up just being for decoration! Each parfait should have four layers and one cookie crumbled per parfait.

*WW Points per serving: 3

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