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Life is eventful

I have been busy at work and at play.  I have been getting into photography lately and am loving it.  Maybe that will be a career choice for me one day…

Here are a couple of pics from Shelby’s bridals yesterday.

The foundation is up on our house and I’ve been doing a little stress eating.  We went out on Friday night for my friend Hayden’s birthday celebration.  It was on a party bus that took you to different clubs and bars downtown.  You could bring your own alcohol and drink and ride on the bus.  It was awesome.  I could have just stayed on the bus the whole time! 

I am so wanting to start my own business and have been getting into photography so maybe something will come of that.  This week shouldn’t be too bad, we only have one surgery on Thursday.  I have decided that I want to do more with my life than just have jobs to pay the bills.  I want a career and I want to enjoy it.

Those are my thoughts for the moment.  Hope everyone enjoys the last few hours of their weekend!

Busy busy week!

Sorry guys this week has been hell! I will be back to post pics of the house progression and how I think I’m going to push through my plateau.
This work week is going to kill me! 😦
Thanks for understanding and keep checking back for new posts!

Trying to stay busy

So the husband is gone for the weekend on a guy’s bachelor’s weekend.  I miss him terribly so I am trying to stay busy. 

Today I went for a walk/power walk at the lake.  It is a gorgeous day out!  I walked 30 minutes and 17 seconds around the lake and earned two APs.  Boy, was it hilly! I had no problem going downhill in the beginning, but going back uphill was tough.  I came home and did 15 minutes of Yoga High Noon on Exercise on Demand.  It gave me a good stretch and now I’m off to shower.

I ate a tablespoon of pb and a cup of soy milk before the walk and it is just now starting to wear off.  I am going to shower and see where the day leads me.  I should probably start cleaning out stuff before the move this summer!

“I don’t brag I mostly boast”

I was on my way home from Trader Joe’s today and I was thinking about how good my life is.  I have a wonderful husband, a job, we are building a house, I have good friends and I have some money in savings. 

I am completely thankful for these things and happy I am taking care of myself so that I can enjoy them. 

Today I am cleaning around the apartment and getting ready for a relaxing weekend.  The husband will be off with the guys for a Bachelor’s weekend for our neighbor/the husband’s coworker and friend.  I am sticking around here and hopefully doing something tomorrow night for the bachelorette.

So I am taking it easy and doing some yoga this weekend and focusing on catching up around here. 

What are you happy with in your life and what are your weekend plans?

Lots of contests

Strawberry shortcake is giving away 1o Simply Bars:

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One Frugal Foodie is giving away tons of Erin Baker’s products!

This is why you’re fat

The husband showed me this website.  It was on our local news channel website and I just had to share.  Just wow.

What was I thinking?

Ok the challenge is over.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I was supposed to not go grocery shopping for 5 weeks.  Well…

Fruit goes bad!  I can’t live without fresh fruit so I had to go today.  I made it about 2 weeks without shopping for that.   I have been trying to save money by buying in bulk and it has worked until the fruit ran out.  So the moral of that story is…

If you wanna save money on groceries, buy meat and fish in bulk and fresh fruit every one or two weeks.  I bought frozen fruit, but it isn’t as easy to get to.  I don’t want to wait for the fruit to thaw.  I’d rather go for fresh fruit than frozen anyday.

Things have been busy and sad over here lately.   With the death of the husband’s grandma, the visitation, and the funeral, I have been super sad.  It’s time to move on though.  She would want us to be happy and that’s how I’m going to be!

On a good note, the scale said I am down another pound this morning.  We’ll see how much I really weigh at WI tomorrow.  This is my second plateau of my WW journey and I am ready to push through it to goal.

I went to Food Lion today to get drinks and then TJ’s to get lots of yummy fruit!  I am glad the husband likes fresh fruit too!  I need to get more healthy stuff in the boy 🙂

While at TJ’s I saw Daffodil bulbs on sale.  They were only $1.99 I wanna say and they will definately perk up things around here.  It’s such a sunny and beautiful day out!  I hear there is going to be some rain this weekend.  Booooo…

I haven’t had a chance to eat breakfast yet because I have been so busy.  I think today is going to be a snacky day and then dinner tonight.  We are going to eat in tonight or tomorrow night since we have eaten out a lot this week due to us being busy bees!

I leave you with a pic of my new plant!  I’m off to clean!



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