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Boys night out

Brandon (the husband) is out to a hockey game with the boys.  I went to Target and then had some sushi for dinner! mmmm  I got all of my Valentine’s Day shopping finished and bought some cleaning items for the apartment.  It has been such a long week.  Next week we have a lot of Lasiks so it will be even longer! ugh!

Check out what I had for lunch today! MMMM!


I made a homemade caesar salad with romaine lettce, mexican style shredded cheese, caesar dressing and croutons (well, I cut up a piece of bread and broiled it and made my own).  It was delicious!! mmmm

I can’t until Brandon gets home because I have missed him a lot today, but I am glad he is out with his coworkers!  I will hopefully be getting to some posts this weekend.  I am so tired right now and need to get stuff done around here. 

Here is my sushi dinner:



Anywho, I am starting to get a little headache so I am going to unpack my Target bags and lay down!



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