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Lots of contests

Strawberry shortcake is giving away 1o Simply Bars:

Chocolate Covered Katie is giving away a box of Jocalat bars

One Frugal Foodie is giving away tons of Erin Baker’s products!


I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog. I have been leading the LASIK surgeries lately and laying out everything for the doctor, assisting in the surgeries and cleaning up (all after working all day) is exhausting. I have been coming home, making dinner and laying on the couch. I haven’t been up to much lately, just work and house stuff. We should be getting Brandon (the husbands) W2 form soon and then we can finally send in our loan application for our house! YAY! I cannot wait to move out of our tiny apartment and actually have some storage space.
I have a few more recipes that I need to post and I’ll get to them… one day 😉
Meanwhile I have been entering in a lot of drawings and contests lately. (Who doesn’t love winning stuff?) I have become a lot more environment friendly since I started my weight loss journey and take my own bags with me to the grocery store. I entered a contest and won a bag!! I saw this lady on CNN who makes “green” bags which are fabric bags. You have to take a picture of yourself using the bag in the store then she puts it on her website. The link to the site is

She has lots of environment friendly tips and is a great resource for how to do things more “green.” I will post a pic of myself using the bag in the very near future… I just don’t have it in me tonight guys

Southern Plate is giving away lots of free stuff! Check it out

Quick food scale post

Check out the scale giveaway on Roni’s Weight Loss Blog! I can win an Affordable Food Scale from Eat Smart and so can you! Click here for contest details!


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